The information recorded in Moderan can be conveniently exported to Excel spreadsheets for further use. Here is an explanation of how you can export the rental contract data for properties and the documents stored in the contracts.

Export active rental contracts

  • Select the rental contracts whose data you would like to export.

For this purpose, there are three ways to filter the suitable contracts.

1. Select whether you want to export the rental contracts for a specific property, a group of properties or for all properties. Use the drop-down menu at the top to select.

2. Alternatively, use the Search tool to select rental contracts based on specific criteria. In the example shown in the picture, all rental contracts containing the keyword "office" were searched for.


3. Filter the rental contracts

Click on the small downward pointing arrow next to a column header and move the Mouse in the pop-up menu onto 'Filter'. Now you can select the desired attributes to be filtered by. Then click on 'Filter' to apply the selected filter.


The filters are column-specific. This means that the attributes that can be selected in the filter only apply to the respective column: Landlords can be filtered via the 'Landlord' column, buildings via the 'Building' column, etc.

In the following example, all rental contracts are filtered that refer to the 1st and 2nd floor in a specific property:


The various possibilities of selection allow you to limit the rental contracts exactly to the selection you actually want to export.

Only the currently displayed columns are exported! So before exporting, select those columns that should be included in the exported spreadsheet. Remove all those columns that you do not want to export.

  • Once you have completed the selection, click on EXPORT and save the Excel file on your device or open it directly with a programme of your choice.

Export archived rental contracts

The export of archived rental contracts, i.e. those which are no longer running, basically works in exactly the same way as the export of active rental contracts.

  • Click on ARCHIVE to switch the display to the archived contracts

  • Filter the contracts as described above
  • Export the data to an Excel spreadsheet as described above

Export attached files


In Moderan, you can store related documents in each rental contract, for example, the original rental documents, supplementary agreements, floor plans, etc. These can be exported as a package into a zip file for each building.

  • Select the building of which you want to export the stored documents
  • Click on the building name
  • Scroll down to 'All contract files of building'.
  • Click on EXPORT and save the file.

The zip file: When you open the saved zip file, you will see that the files are sorted into different folders. These reflect the separate rental contracts that are linked to the building.

ATTENTION: The files belonging to the archived, i.e. no longer active, rental agreements can be found separately in the 'Archive' folder.

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