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In the Rental contract, you can add different types of Rent and Fees

Moderan comes with several default Rent and Fees types (Rent, Maintenance, Marketing, Parking), but Admin users may add more types - for example, Discount, Fixed utilities, Address.

In Admin > Settings you can see the billing categories which are currently set to be used in your Moderan account.

Add a new Rent / Fee type

  • Go to Admin > Settings
  • Click EDIT button (top right-hand corner)
  • Go to "Customising contract fields block"

  • In Field name* box select Billing name from the drop-down 
  • In Custom options* field enter the name for your new billing category

  • Click Add, and then click Save in the top right-hand corner

Now this billing name can be used when adding fees to Rental Contract's Rent and Fees section and when adding Fees.

Enable Rent types

When you add Custom Fee types, they are displayed and calculated as separate Fee types in Rental Contracts, Reports and Invoices.

If you want them to be displayed and calculated as sub-types of Rent, you can mark them as Rent types.

  • Go to Admin > Settings
  • Click EDIT button
  • Go to "Rent types" and choose the Billing names from the drop-down that you want to use as types of Rent
  • Click Save in the top right-hand corner

Now you see the added billing categories in the list of the enabled Rent types. There is a "Rent - " added to their name so you recognize these types as sub-types of Rent when you use them in Rental contracts and Reports.

Hint: Sub-types of Rent are calculated as part of Monthly rent in Property totals and Report.

Editing and deleting custom Rent / Fee types

Default Rent and Fees types cannot be edited or deleted. If they do not fit into the categories you want to use, just ignore them.

You can Delete a custom fee type by clicking the sign next to its name, but only if you have not used it anywhere.

A custom Rent / Fee can be deleted only if it has never been used anywhere!

If you want to Edit a custom rent / fee type's name, please state the details (old, new one and confirmation) in the online support сhat or mail them to 

Errors: Invisible custom Rent / Fee type

Did you add a custom Rent or Fee type, but you cannot see it?

If you cannot see a new type you have entered, please check the following:

  • Make sure you have clicked the Save button in the top-right corner upon adding the new type
  • If you see the new fee type in Admin section, but you are not able to choose it in Rental Contract's when selecting in Billing types grid, press F5 or refresh the web page

If you need more help or have questions we are always there in the online chat or via