When using Fees in Moderan first step is to enter them in your Fees Pricelist. 

Once you determine category and value of a service in your Pricelist you will be able to put them in as your tenants use them.

  • Go to your Moderan account > Fees > Pricelist
  • Click the +ADD NEW icon 
  • Add a service to your Pricelist. 

While adding, determine the following fields: 

  • Name - put a name for the service. Use short specific names so that you don't mix it up. 
  • Category* - select the billing category from the drop-down. If you don't find the one you need or want to have a specific custom category you can ask your Admin user to do this (check How to create a custom billing category for fees)
  • Property* - you can select All if you plan to have this service regardless the property, or select a specific property to which this service belongs (ex. parking lots)
  • Unit - select the unit per which your fee is sold (day, hour, square meter, month, piece)
  • Price - set the price per unit
  • Discount - you can add a special discount here, which will be effective in case the user of a service is your tenant with active contract
  • Notes - use the Notes field to specify the service further for you and your colleagues using Moderan. It may be whatever you find helpful to identify the service from the floor where you have the printer to short explanation how this service is used.

TIP: If you miss some columns, or want to hide some, click on the drop-down arrow on any of column headings, and select them. Bear in mind that columns with asterisk * are obligatory for filling when entering a new service.