This article explains how to delete, deactivate and give back access to a user in Moderan. Just follow these steps!

Note: This action is only available to Admin Users.

Moderan doesn't allow you to delete users, instead you should deactivate them. The reason is simple – all the changes in Moderan are logged. So you can see later who made the changes. Instead of deleting, just select Deactivated and this user will no longer have access to your Moderan account.

You can also give back access to any user that has been deactivated. So you should use deactivation both in case you want to permanently or temporarily stop the user's access to your Moderan account.

How to deactivate a user?

1. Admin > Users > First Name of the user you want to deactivate 


2. Click "Edit".


3. Click Screenshot 2019 10 21 at 16.54.23 on the Permissions field and choose Deactivated from the drop-down list.


4. Click "Save".


Now the user is deactivated and no longer has access to your Moderan account.

How to give back access to a user that has been deactivated?

Follow the same steps as you did when you deactivated the user. Just change Permissions from Deactivated to User, Viewer or Admin – depending on what kind of permissions you want to give the user.