Moderan API enables you/your software partners to integrate Moderan with other software solutions for smooth collaboration. 

We provide REST API for accessing your Moderan data, you can use JSON to send/receive data.


API key and domain ID

  • API key can be copied from your Moderan account > Admin > Integrations > API tokens
  • Domain ID can be copied from your Moderan account > Admin > Company info

Every request should have 2 HTTP headers:

  • Content-Type: application / json
  • Authorization: yourApiTokenPunkt1

General API

Get all Organizations


Rent and fees API

Get all Rent and Fees for {month} 

Get all rent and fees for December of 2020 (notice two query parameters start and end)


Costs API


1. Get all Property/building sets 


2. Get all cost periods for cost set (Needs COST_SET_ID from endpoint 1)


3. Get all costs for specific period (Needs COST_SET_ID from endpoint 1 and PERIOD_ID from endpoint 2)


 4. Send Reading data

Send content to JSON, example:

        "date" : "2019-06-17",
        "meter" : "7JK1P",
        "set" : 
{             "id" : 61          }
         "reading" : 3803


date - the date of the meter Reading 
meter - the name of the Meter 
set - object, the ID of which you can get from point 2 above 
Reading - example reading data