Moderan lets you enter as many Organizations in the list as you want. The only mandatory field for Organization is Name*. In order to be flexible for your business needs it is possible to enter Organizations with similar/same names, because entities might be with same names but different towns/countries/branches, etc.

However, in certain cases we have the ability to warn you on entering a duplicate. For that you need ensure you enter a unique thing for each Organization - a Registry Code.

Let's see how to check it and fix if this is needed.

How do I know I am entering a duplicate?

To be able to understand that this is one and the same Organization, and not same-name but different legal entities you need sort of a unique key.

Names can be same. Every Organization entered in Moderan has an id,  but this is assigned automatically as you enter them - so it also cannot be a key.

The way to distinguish if the organization has been entered already is to always use the Registry Codes - you enter them yourself, and they point out the exact Organization:

If when entering a new Organization you add an existing Registry Code, you will get a warning from Moderan:

It helps understand that this Organization will be a duplicate if entered.

This is why it is important to have Organizations entered with the codes, even though not mandatory.

NB! Registry Code is mandatory in case you have an integration with some accounting software. 
Having two Organizations with the same Registry Code will break the correct work of your accounting integration!


How do I check if I already have some duplicates?

To check the duplicates: 

  • Go to Moderan > Contacts > Organizations
  • Click "Show All Organizations" to see both Active and not Active Organizations. This is important not to miss an Organization with archived contract, which has a duplicate
  • Go to Registry Code column and sort it. Go through it to see if there are Organizations with same Registry Code

After that check if the Organizations are actually duplicates, or the code was added by accident. For that check the name similarities, addresses - and most important Contracts attached.

I want to merge Organizations/get rid of duplicate. What are my actions?

*There are certain business cases when you might actually need a duplicate Organization, but it is not common (if you are not sure ask Moderan support for help). 

Let's say you found you have two Organizations in Moderan but you actually need them to be one and the same.

Simple plan here is:

1. Check the duplicates

2. Switch Contracts / change the Organization

3. Remove the Registry Code/ Delete Organization if needed

1) Check the duplicates as described in the previous question: by company name and Registry Code. 

If you have an accounting integration which is not working correctly because of duplicates - the error message will have the Registry Code of duplicate!

Example: We found two Organizations, of which we actually need only Accounting Service Ltd (the second). We want to remove the first one, Accountants Ltd which is a duplicate entered by accident

In order to do this, we first need to remove the Active Contracts from the first one. 

NB! If the Organization is not Active but had already some Contracts archived - you need to switch them as well! You cannot delete Organization that has Contract history in Moderan, so that the data is safe.


2) Switch Contracts.

- Go to the Organization card of the one you want to get rid of (ex: Accountants Ltd)

- Click on the Contract Number, it will take you to this Contract's card

- Click Edit and switch the Organization to the right one (ex: Accounting Service Ltd), click Save

- Now the Contract is assigned to the right Organization! You go back to Organizations list to check - and should see the Active status is gone from the one you want to delete:

3) Remove the Registry Code / delete Organization if needed


- Go to the Organizations grid

- Click Edit and remove the Registry Code if you want to keep the Organization for some reason

- Click Delete if you want to remove Organization completely.