Moderan provides you with the ability to keep records all of your interactions related to negotiations, deeds and contracts, including unlimited files upload. 

You can add them in a special block of your Request card or Rental/Service Contract card:

Do I have to transfer them from Request into Contract?

No. All Files and Interaction data is a shared component of Requests and Contracts. 

This essentially means that every action or files you added during negotiations will stay there once the Request is converted to an actual Contract!

How do I add these to a Request or a Contract?

To add a File or certain Interaction record for a Request:

  1. Go to Contracts > Requests/Rental Contracts/Service Contracts
  2. Select the Request/Contract from the grid or create a new one 
  3. Scroll down to the Interactions & Files block, and click  +ADD NEW

Fill in the fields:

  • Date* - mandatory field. You may set current date to record an interaction, set dates in the past for ones that already happened, or add future dates to keep reminders!
  • "Mark as done" tick. Leave, if not explicitly wanting to mark action as completed. By default will be marked done if you are adding an interaction in the past - so uncheck it after, if needed.
  • Type. See available types described below
  • Description. Enter marks, info from the meeting, and any info related to the interaction that you or your colleagues might need.
  • File url. Add external URL leading to a file 
  • File (upload area). Upload a Contract pdf, a Deed Act, any XLS sheets or pictures - store your info inside Moderan!

NB! You can select or drag-n-drop Upload multiple Files at once.

However, added Files cannot be deleted or edited. 

If you need to edit a File added, add a new line (new interaction) and delete the line with the incorrect File.

What are the types of Files and Interactions in Moderan?

Moderan lets you record various types of contract-related activities and attach files or external links to each of those. Specifically, while entering a new line you will see the drop-down of following interaction types:

  • Contract
  • Deed
  • Interaction
  • Meeting
  • Other

You may use them as you wish. However, we recommend always keeping record on Contracts, Deeds (attaching the Act confirming the Deed), and setting future Meeting dates to alarm oneself of possible terms change after negotiations of your manager.

How can I be notified of action needed?

When you save an interaction with a future date, it automatically adds a reminder for it. Interaction reminders go personally to the email of creator stated in the User column, unlike the general Contract reminders.

You can see if the Interaction line has a reminder by seeing a bell sign:

NB! By changing and saving the Interaction line, you automatically assign your user name (email) to the User column. It gets updated, and the new notifications on this line will go to you. 

- if you want to get reminders of the interaction entered by someone else, just add a change
- be careful same time not to overwrite lines for whom someone is still responsible