Space - a single unit in building which you lease out

Spaces are a single units of lease in Moderan. 

Moderan automatically calculates the Leasable area of the Building once you add Spaces to this Building.

How to add a Space?

  • Go to Moderan > Assets > Immovables
  • Click +ADD NEW and fill in the fields

Space name* - enter a name for this Space. It might be an office No (ex.201), combination of number and function (ex. Appt 6, Warehouse Locker-34), your company code used to configure leasable spaces, etc.

This is a mandatory field.

Building* - select the Building in which this Space is located. Once you select, they will be linked.
This is a mandatory field.

Space Function – select relevant function for your Space

Ask your Moderan Admin to add a Space Function you need - custom ones can be added.

How to attach Space to Contract?

How to change the Space size?