Immovable - a land plot for one or more buildings, on which your property is situated.

Immovable in Moderan represents a certain land plot, usually legally registered as a separate immovable property. 

An Immovable 

  • can represent the whole Property in Moderan or just a part of the Property with some other land plots on it
  • can have one or several Buildings on it
  • gives an address to a Building or a group of Buildings, located on that plot.

How to add an Immovable?

  • Go to Moderan > Assets > Immovables
  • Click +ADD NEW and fill in the fields

Property* – сhoose the property name from the drop-down list: it links a newly entered immovable with an existing property of yours. This is a mandatory field.

 Registry Number – land registry code assigned to each land plot.

Immovable and Building registry numbers are different.
Immovable as a land plot is registered in land cadastre, Building is registered as a construction in a separate register.

Address* – each immovable should have an address. Immovable address is automatically transferred to associated buildings and will be also building addresses. This is a mandatory field.

Ownership Relation – a relevant ground of ownership. Can be left as Unset, or choose:

  • Freehold
  • Ground Lease
  • Joint Ownership
  • Other
  • Right of superficies

Zoning – primary zoning type. Can be left as Unset, or choose:

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Other
  • Residential

Planning Status – a status of detailed planning. Detailed plan can be accepted, enforced or initiated. If the immovable doesn't have one - leave the field empty. Can be left as Unset, or choose:

  • DP accepted
  • DP enforced
  • DP initiated
  • None
  • Other

Immovable Size – official size of the land plot in the unit you use (m2 or sf, the unit set in Moderan).

Parking Spaces – parking spaces on the land plot itself (not in the buildings).

Primary Immovable (tick) – check the box, if immovable is the main immovable for a Property. 

NB! Primary Immovable gives address to the whole Property.
First immovable entered for a Property is automatically designated as primary.

You can change it manually.

Notes - keep Notes about the Immovable for you and your colleagues

Editing and Deleting Immovables