This article explains how to adjust Moderan to your own preferences. You can choose which columns you want to see, change the order and width of the columns and make reports that only include the information you need. Follow these instructions and find the most convenient way, how to use Moderan.

NB! Moderan remembers the settings for each user individually. Your settings will not affect other users' view. The goal is to make Moderan more convenient to you. Please use this opportunity.

1. Choose the columns you need

First, you can choose which data you need to see – open any Moderan list view and click the Screenshot 2019 10 21 at 16.54.23 button next to any column. Mark the checkboxes for the columns you need and uncheck the ones you don't need. You can adjust any list view where you see these checkboxes (for example: Rental contracts, Requests) and reports (Revenues, Building Performance etc).

Hint: Do check, some of the reports have more columns than you first see, maybe these can be useful for you.

2. Move the columns around

To move the columns around, click on a column header and drag it where you'd like to place it.


3. Change the column width

You can change the column width, so the tables are easier to watch.


4. Change the sorting type

You can sort the data in the tables as you prefer. To sort data, click on a column header to begin sorting by ascending value (A to Z). Click again and now the column is sorted by descending value (Z to A). The third click removes sorting by this column. 


5. Export data

If you want to make specific reports, you can export the data you need into seperate spreadsheet. Choose the columns you need (find the instruction from step 1) and click EXPORT.


 Now the created spreadsheet is downloaded to your computer as an Excel file.

Note: Moderan remembers all the settings, so next time you use Moderan, you don't need to do these adjustments again.