This article explains how to create a new user in Moderan. Just follow these four steps and the new user can instantly start using Moderan!


1. Add new user

Note: This action is only available to Admin Users.

Admin > Users > + ADD NEW


To add a new user first click the button + ADD NEW. Then fill in all the required fields (*) and as many other fields as you need. This information (exept for Permission and Access to properties) will also be visible to other users of your Moderan account.


2. Choose permissions

Moderan has 3-level user permissions:


Note: Moderan allows more than one administrator per company.

Click Screenshot 2019 10 21 at 16.54.23 and you can see a drop-down list with all the options for permissions, just choose the one that is suitable for the new user.

If you do not select any Properties at this step, the User can still be created. Yet, such User will have the access only to the Properties that they create themeselves 

Deactivated user – Moderan doesn't allow you to delete users, instead you should deactivate them. The reason is simple – all the changes in Moderan are logged. So you can see later who made the changes. Instead of deleting, just select Deactivated and this user will no longer have access to your Moderan account.


3. Choose properties

Click Screenshot 2019 10 21 at 16.54.23 and you can see a drop-down list with all the properties you have added.

Now choose which properties you need the new user to have access to – you can select one or more properties. If you select All, the user automatically has access to all properties.



4. Save new user

Click "Save".

NB! Moderan will automatically send an email to the new user with a link how to log in to Moderan.
For security reasons, link expires 24 hours from the time it was sent. If user has not logged in within 24 hours, the user can reset the password through Forgot Password. You will find the instructions here.