To perform actions with current Users or add a new one go to Admin menu first.

This action is only available to Admin Users

1. Go to Admin > Users, then click on the name of the User whose permissions, access to properties or data you want to change

Alternatively, you can hover over a name, click Settings icon and choose Edit

2. If you clicked the Name directly on the previous step, select the Edit


3. To change User's role permissions (Administrative, User, Viewer) click Permissions field and select one from the drop-down

4. To apply User's rights to certain Properties of yours click Access to Properties field and select all the properties a User needs to have access to from the drop-down. You can add as many properties as you need.

If you want to grant access to all of them - select All

In case the Admin permission is assigned to a User he has:

- access to all of your Properties 
- access to Admin menu and rights to edit 

5. To change User data click on the field you want to edit and add new or re-enter the data needed (names, phone, position, notes):

NB! The e-mail of the User cannot be changed in Moderan

The e-mail is used as a unique User identifier in Moderan, meaning that one e-mail represents one User. If User e-mail has changed or you've typed it wrong - Deactivate this User and add new 
(see instructions here)

6. Hit Save after all changes done!