This article explains how to change user permissions, access to properties and data.

1. Admin > Users > First Name of the user whose permissions, access to properties or data you want to change.


2. Click "Edit".


3. To change permissions, click Screenshot 2019 10 21 at 16.54.23 and you can see a drop-down list with all the options for permissions. Just choose the one you need.


4. To change access to properties, click on the field "Access to properties". You can see a drop-down list with all the properties. Click on the property you want the user to have access to. If you want to remove access to certain property, clickScreenshot_2019-11-21_at_16.36.11.png.


5. To change user data, click on the field you want to change and add or retype data you need.

NB! E-mail cannot be changed.